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Lindy Baker, B.A., M.Ed., is a world renowned Life Skills Coach. Her skills as a Gifted Clairvoyant, Medium, author, Speaker, published columnist, and channel add Supernatural dimensions to her coaching abilities. Her certifications in medical and clinical hypnotherapy, and NLP, help delve deep into human nature. Also, let's not forget that she is an Empath above empaths and able to do so much over the phone lines.Lindy provides confidential clairvoyant phone readings and LIFE CHANGING coaching for clients and businesses all over the world, and is known for her accurate predictions of major events and conversations with those in the afterlife. Text or Phone (858) 272-MIND for an appointment.Whether your issues are relationships, business, health or focus and motivation, Lindy has the right answers for you. Real Advice for Real People with Real ProblemsCopyright (c) Lindy Baker. All Rights Reserved.

Get Rid of Negative Self Talk

Lightning StrikingChanging the thoughts that you allow to go through your mind is one huge way to change your life. If you feel that you haven’t reached the level of success in your life that you think you should have, you might want to look at what you are saying to yourself all day. Perhaps this is as good a time as any to stop and think about what you are thinking about.

Maybe you are someone who is always talking yourself out of your success without realizing it. Think about some of the questions on this list. (Please do yourself a favor and not just read through, but actually take the time to contemplate these questions.) Read More

Time Management Secret

time is money canstockphoto1088677The mind is the most powerful natural gift that we have. Allowing it to perform at its best is something we can learn. When we set our minds to something and stick to it, not allowing our emotions, negative thoughts, or doubts to get in the way, it’s amazing to see what can be accomplished. There are ways to use our unconscious mind to achieve our goals.

Life truly gets better when we focus on something that we want…whether it is something that seems more like an impossible dream, or something we have to do. Things gets better when we focus on what we DO want, instead of what we DON’T want. Read More

“The Psychic Test” San Diego News Team

San Diego News team (WB5) invited several psychics and astrologers to participate for a story that they were doing hoping to expose psychics. They approached Lindy Baker.  This clip is what they had to say…”Best”

10 Things to Do in Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde from April 9 and remains retrograde until May 3, 2017. The next Mercury Retrograde (RX) is August 13, 2017. Below are 10 things to do (and not do) in a Mercury Retrograde.

About Planet Mercury
Planet Mercury rules the mind, perceptions, how we express ourselves and objective sight.  It has dominion over communication, trade, travel, and at present such things as the Internet and things associated with it.
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